Recycled oil is better for the environment

Thu Sep 20 16:38:56 CST 2018

Recycled oil reduces impact on the environment vs. oils made without recycled content. The amount of energy used to find, drill, transport and refine crude oil is significant. Recycled oil eliminates or reduces many of these steps, and therefore has a smaller "carbon footprint," reduces energy consumption and lowers pollutants that contribute to climate change. Recycled oil also helps reduce the need for new drilling and crude refining, reusing what's already been pulled out of the ground.

Valvoline created NextGen to reduce impact on the environment without sacrificing performance

If people switch to NextGen, it would reduce the need for 1.6 billion quarts of oil. That's enough oil to stack barrels from New York to Los Angeles and back. Every year!

Kayla Tang

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