Process of Oil Recycling System

 Vacuum distillation process.

Waste lube oil after pre-treatment ,will be pumped into a catalyst reactor ,we will add chemicals blend with used lube oil and heat in a distillation kettle under vacuum .waste lube oil will be heated more than 320℃ under vacuum ,the highest temperature is about 350℃ under vacuum.
As the temperature of the oil rises to around 55℃ ,frist cut of gasoline start to release form the waste oil.As the temperature of the oil rises to around 110°C - 220°°C, the second cut of diesel are released from the batch. As the light oil cut tend to finish, there is temperature rise indicating completion of light oil. Lube Oil is the main product and its distillation starts at around 220°C and continues up to 350°C. Light base oil are distilled out around 220°C-300°C,and Most of the heavy lube oil distills out during 300°C -350°C. At the end of the process the kettle bottom temperature begins to rise marking its completion.
Finally, the process ends when the residual material in the kettle does not vaporize, even at a temperature of around 350°C. At this point, the heating in the distillation process is stopped and the process is essentially complete. Can pump oil residual out to use as bitumen heavy fuel oil..