TZL Turbine Oil Purifier/Filtration

 TZL Turbine Oil purifier adopts the most advanced infrared liquid automatic control system, acousto-optic automatic alarm system and pressure protective device, it can treat hydraulic, coolant oil and other lubrication in which contain large of water, vapor, impurities, sludge, dielectric and colloid, TZL series can eliminate them effectively and thoroughly.
This type equipment is gathered gravitational method, gasification, coacervation, vacuum separation and new filtration technology together in a body. It can remove liquid water drastically, also can eliminate 100% free water and 95% dissolved water. 
Utilized advanced macromolecule absorption and demulsification technology can remove the water and absorb free carbon, gelatinous substance effectively, and result in the dark oil becomes limpid and transparent.
Adopted precise multi-stage filters that could accommodate large amount of impurities and has a longer lifetime, which can remove effectively various impurities and make the cleanness